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Spring Cleaning Special!

We offer this package to get your system running at optimal performance. This bundle includes:
  • Interior System Dusting
  • Virus Scan And Removal
  • Adware And Spyware Scan And Removal
  • Install And Update Anti-Virus And Firewall Software
  • Receive FREE Internet Security Software CD

Total Price $179.95
(Bundle Valued At $207)

Computech offers many repair and upgrade services for your Desktop or Notebook PC. If your computer is damaged, working improperly, or isn't performing as well as you'd like, Computech can help. We offer the following services to keep you on track and on-line (Please call for details):


  • Desktop / Notebook Diagnostic

If your Desktop PC or Notebook is experiencing a problem, we offer a diagnostic service to determine exactly what's wrong, and what needs to be done to fix it. We thoroughly examine your computer to give you the most comprehensive assessment of the health of your PC.
  • Data Backup

We offer a data backup service which can recover any of your vital files from an old or damaged computer. This service is applicable to both Desktops and Notebooks, and we are capable of storing your data in a variety of ways for safekeeping. We can create backup CDs or DVDs for archival data storage, or we can transfer files from an older computer to your current machine so that you can continue your work uninterrupted.
  • Operating System Installation

We offer complete installation and configuration of your Microsoft Windows Operating System on your computer, including installing the proper device drivers so that your software will work  properly with all of the hardware in your Desktop or Notebook.
  • Memory Installation

For Desktops or Notebooks which are running a little slow, we offer a memory installation service which will increase the performance of your machine. This service includes a free consultation during which our knowledgeable technical staff will help you choose which memory is adequate for your needs, eliminating the guesswork.
  • Hardware Installation

Add functionality to your computer by installing a hard drive, CD / DVD drive, modem, networking card, or wireless card. We can install virtually any piece of hardware into your Desktop or Notebook PC, and configure your existing software to work properly with your new device.
  • System Integration

We can assemble a system from its component parts, or reuse functional hardware from an older computer when building a new one. We can also replace large portions of an old or damaged machine to restore it to functionality.
  • Disc Recovery

Now a damaged hard drive no longer gets in the way of data retrieval. We can recover your files from any desktop or notebook hard drive, even when your drive cannot be detected or won't spin up. Affordable and fast, this is a great solution for saving mission-critical files.

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